Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chocolates went crazy in Labuan!!!

Some pictures of Labuan i would like to share with you all :-)

I was in Labuan....a week plus ago for 3days 2nights.

I was happy when i was in Labuan, because...two things which could really make me go HIHIHI HAHAHA and i would feel really excited, CHOCOLATES AND WINES/BEERS!!!!

Got me??? Alright, Labuan is a Duty Free Island. Awesome isn't it??? :-)

I was staying at this particular Hotel, Dorsett Hotel. I loved that bed so so much.

This was the place i spent RM50++ only for Chocolates. I will elaborate more later.

Roughly about 11am, i went out alone since my tummy was crawling for hunger. And my departure to KL was in the late afternoon, i had plenty of time to shop here.

My brunch of the day....a plate of Labuan style Kolo Mee. Taste was ordinary only. But it was fine since i wasn't picky in foods.

Then i ordered this "funny" drink. Lemon Asam Longan....taste was ordinary only. I didn't feel i was in heaven also. SIGH. Even though i wasn't picky in drinks as well.

After meal, i walked around at the Mall, then i spotted BODY SHOP. I thought the price was cheaper if compared in KL since Labuan was a Duty Free Island. Eventually the price was the same with those in KL. Disappointed :-(

Can spot my biceps or not??? Flight Stewardess is a strong and tough lady ok, don't ever try to bully her!!! Hahahaha~

Then i went into the SKY PARK Duty Free Shop. Those who love Chocolates, you would go crazy here, like me. Look at the Chocolates, tons of it ok!!! If it fell on me, i honestly can end up lying in the hospital bed~

Yummy yummy!!!

Cadbury!!! All duty free ok, cheap cheap cheap!!!

That's what i have bought......!!! My favourite HERSHEY REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups and 36 CHOCOLA!!! I even bought Cadbury and Kinder Bueno!!!

Till today, my mouth can't stop biting the REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups!!! :-) Ooooooh~

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